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NAPCE was founded in 1982 to establish links between education professionals and allied agencies who have an interest in pastoral care and personal-social education and the welfare of students of all ages in schools.

NAPCE’s concerns are the achievement of students across the curriculum; guidance; personal and social education; recording achievement and the management of these processes in an integrated whole school approach. Our aims are:

  • To support and inform those who have a professional concern for pastoral care;
  • To promote the theoretical study of pastoral care in education;
  • To disseminate good practice in pastoral care in education;
  • To promote the education, training and development of those engaged in pastoral care;
  • To liaise with other organisations who have similar objectives.

The Association operates through a regular journal and other publications plus its national annual conference. Advice on relevant issues can be obtained from elected Executive Officers at NAPCE. The Association is a registered charity with a National Executive Committee.

The current officers of the Association are: