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NAPCE’s 2017 Pastoral Care in the Digital Era

A New Field of Pastoral Care Pastoral care has traditionally focused on the physical and psychological environment that we create for our young people, but as ‘screen time’ increases, we question how aware are we of the potential, influence, strategies and consequences of the digital world? Potential: Firstly, the learning potential for students able to […]

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NAPCE’s 2017 Conference- A reflection on what was learnt

Schools and the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Their Pupils April 2017 Reflections on the Conference NAPCE’s major annual conference on Schools and the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Their Pupils was held at the end of last month at Newman University, Birmingham. With over 150 educationalists coming together to access the highly engaging and relevant presentations […]

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NAPCE Internet Safety Podcasts

Internet Safety Day from the Interner February 2017 It is internet safety day today and schools across the country will be delivering input to students to promoting safe use of our relatively new information source. But to maintain these lessons, we as staff need to have some awareness of the biological and social impact technology […]

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NAPCE New Year!

Following a year that certainly raised them, over the next twelve months we are going to be tackling some of the biggest issues in pastoral care and how they are being addressed in schools. I am sure that a week in to the new year and a week back at work may be making things […]

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Cognition and Learning Across Education

The Rochford Review November 2016 The Rochford Review was released this October and NAPCE believes that its recommendations have the potential to support great steps forward across all forms of education in the UK. The report’s headline suggests the removal of the statutory requirement of assessing pupils using P scales, building upon the removal of levelling. NAPCE sees this […]

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The Balance of Time vs Need

The Balance of Time October 2016 For the past week @NAPCE1 has had the pleasure of delivering SEND training to cohorts of trainee teachers. It was a learning experience for both that provided the opportunity for some real world research to be put into place. Baselining what was known by each individual on the ITT […]

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