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NAPCE & UK Pastoral Chat launch National Awards for Pastoral Care in Education

NAPCE is delighted to have joined forces with UK Pastoral Chat to launch an exciting new awards scheme for pastoral care providers in the education sector.

It was announced at our conference in May that NAPCE had plans to promote good practice in pastoral support and recognise the work that is being done to develop good quality pastoral care, through the launch of the NAPCE Awards.

Since May we have been in discussions with UK Pastoral Chat, who have a similar interest in recognising good practice in pastoral support, about working in partnership for an awards programme.

So, we thought it made perfect sense for both organisations to work together in partnership to create the first ever National Awards for Pastoral Care in Education.

Both NAPCE and UK Pastoral Chat will have their own categories for the awards and will manage their own process for entry, finalists and selection of awards winners.  Of course, working in partnership means the Awards instantly becomes a much bigger event, with a bigger audience and we’re going to be combining our energies and expertise to organise an awards programme that significantly raises the profile of pastoral care in the educational world.

The closing date for all categories (both NAPCE and UK Pastoral Chat awards) will be Monday 2nd March, 2020.

The finalists of the inaugural National Awards for Pastoral Care in Education will be invited to attend a ceremony in 2020 and we’ll be announcing details of the event shortly.

NAPCE is inviting nominations in the following categories;

Pastoral School of the Year
Pastoral Team of the Year
Pastoral Member of Staff of the Year
Pastoral Leader of the Year
Pastoral Development of the Year
Raising Awareness about Pastoral Care
Outstanding Contribution to Pastoral Care

You can enter the NAPCE categories here

Nominations are encouraged for awards in different categories from schools and educational establishments and you DO NOT need to currently be a member of NAPCE to take part.

UK Pastoral Chat is inviting nominations for awards in the following categories;

Head of Year (Including Head of 6thForm)
Head of House/Head of Boarding
Nurse/ Counsellor
Pastoral Support Staff (including Learning Mentor)
Tutor/Classroom teacher
Unsung Hero
Guidance teacher
DSL/CP Co-ordinator

You can enter the UK Pastoral Chat awards categories here

The Awards will be an excellent opportunity to share good practice in pastoral care and through the social media and websites of both organisations to raise awareness of where pastoral support is making a real difference in the educational experience of young people.

The awards will encourage new initiatives and ideas in pastoral care and will recognise the contributions being made to developing policy and practice in pastoral support.

This is an opportunity to recognise the impact the work of pastoral staff is having on the achievement and well being of young people.

The decisions about prize winners in each category will be made by a panel of invited professionals who work in pastoral care.

There will be a prize of £100.00 for the school or institution for the winners of each category and individuals will also be recognised for their achievements.

The criteria for the NAPCE awards are;

•Pastoral School of the Year
A school that can demonstrate a commitment to pastoral care and support for learners that makes a real difference in the progress and personal development of young people in the school

•Pastoral Team of the Year
A team that works in pastoral care and can demonstrate a determination to support young people to achieve their full potential and a positive impact on the young people they work with

•Pastoral Member of Staff of the Year
A member of staff who works in pastoral care and who always makes the extra effort to support young people to enable them to become effective learners and achieve success

•Pastoral Leader of the Year
Has a passion for pastoral care that is shared with colleagues to inspire and motivate them to make a real difference in the lives of the young people they work with

•Pastoral Development of the Year
A pastoral initiative or idea that has achieved positive outcomes and has improved the learning experience and future life chances, for young people

•Raising Awareness about Pastoral Care
An individual, group or organisation who through their actions have raised awareness about pastoral care or pastoral issues and encouraged positive improvements for the benefit of young people

•Outstanding Contribution to Pastoral Care
A person, group or organisation that has made a real difference for the benefit of young people in the area of pastoral care

Nominations for the NAPCE Awards are welcome from member schools and institutions and from schools and institutions that are not currently members of NAPCE

You can also enter the awards by e-mail to NAPCE Base at

The Awards Programme and partnership with UK Pastoral Chat is an exciting opportunity to raise the profile of Pastoral Care and give hard working pastoral staff and schools with positive approaches to supporting learners the recognition that they deserve.

Good luck!
Phil Jones
National Chair
National Association for Pastoral Care in Education

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