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A call for change

Last month’s NAPCE newsletter questioned the motive of the government’s white paper’s and its consequences on all students and in particular those most vulnerable. NAPCE pursued this line of enquiry and had the opportunity to question Education Minister Nicky Morgan at the Academy conference:

‘How does the white paper address pastoral care alongside academic excellence everywhere?’ 

Morgan answered politically, listing the measurable ‘additional investment in physical exercise’, ‘increase after school clubs’ and ‘extended school hours…’  [to provide the]Type of education that will give them a bright future’

Bright future? This did not allay fears that the preoccupied focus on what can be measured is leading to neglect regarding real learning environments and support network – essential components in facilitating every childs’ wellbeing, development and success, inside the classroom and beyond. But the cultural demand for linear PISA comparison continues to sway the governments populism approach whilst being led by Pearson.

Last month’s newsletter ended with ‘what can we do?’ and the journal article ‘The role of the primary school practitioner in supporting children’s mental well-being’ brought up issues linked to funding, skills and training in an already over stretched profession. NAPCE listened and agreed with the responses and following the National Executive meeting in April set a move for action as well as supporting others. We look to develop training in pastoral care so that awareness and practical application to support whole community development (this includes all key stakeholders) can be inputted across all levels of training, in a formal and accredited standard. Our next step is ask the questions:

  1. Topics covered in what existing training?
  2. What key stakeholders require input? And in what specific areas?

Your role in answering these questions and sharing these questions to obtain others input is a key role in stepping forward. We very much appreciate your support for pastoral care within education.

Please comment via our social links or email NAPCE directly.

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