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NAPCE May Conference 2019 – A Report

Conference- “Facing the Challenges of mental health and well-being in schools. Let’s talk about it!”

May 8th, 2019, Birmingham

Summary of Analysis of Evaluations from Delegates

Delegates completed a questionnaire to provide feedback at the end of the conference. There were 85 delegates at the conference. The responses to the evaluation show that delegates came from a wide range of backgrounds including primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, headteachers and leaders in secondary schools, non – teaching pastoral staff in schools, people working in higher education, people working in teacher training and organisations that included the Wildlife Trust, BBC Bitesize and Aston Villa Foundation. Speakers came from Birmingham Educational Partnership, Newman University, Ofsted, ASCL, Mind, Squirrel learning, Compassion Matters, Newman Health and Well-being, and NAPCE. In addition, displays were provided by the Thrive Approach and Services for Education

Delegates were positive about the experience they had at the conference and about how they had benefited from attending.  The comments show that delegates found the conference useful and that the information that was shared with them and the understanding they developed, would have a positive impact on their future work

  • It was really informative and lots of ideas to take back to school
  • Great update on national picture and progression and hurdles with mental health in schools and wider society
  • Lots of information to think about and incorporate into our academy
  • I learnt so much and it gave me time to start formulating my thoughts so I can start preparing my action plan
  • Very informative, Thought provoking and inspiring
  • So much knowledge to take back home to think about and share at work
  • The information given today can only help me and the staff I work with to support the young people we work with and each other
  • Helped me to focus on the national picture not just my school setting. Gave me time to think and network with others.

One theme that emerged from the conference was the importance of a whole school approach to promoting mental health and well-being in schools.

  • Raising awareness about the need for a whole school response to emotional well being
  • It raised awareness about the importance of a whole school approach to mental health issues and well-being in schools.
  • It has helped me to think about the importance of a whole school approach
  • Learning new approaches to developing a whole school approach.

Delegates appreciated the different information presented, with speakers focusing on current practice, national issues and developments, research and ideas and strategies to respond to the challenges that schools face.

  • I thought the balance of information was good
  • Great update on national picture and progression and hurdles with mental health in schools and wider society
  • Range of ideas to take back to school and implement
  • Lots of information to think about and incorporate into our academy
  • Made connections between different models of pastoral care and current practice learnt about the most up to date evidence and policy

Delegates were positive about the knowledge and understanding they gained from the speakers and workshop leaders. Without exception all the speakers and workshop leaders were mentioned as being the highlight of the conference by different delegates.

  • Wide range of speakers all relevant to theme but providing different perspectives
  • The speakers created a whole picture of what we need to strive for. It all fitted together
  • Each speaker contributed to my understanding and each one had a highlight. A Valuable day
  • The wide range of speakers that brought different perspectives to the table
  • Different speakers from different areas of expertise
  • I found all the speakers and the workshops to be of great interest

Delegates feedback about the venue for the Conference, The Studio in Birmingham was very positive. They liked the location especially because it was close to the station and the food and facilities. There were a few comments about it being difficult to get to central Birmingham by car for a 9-00am start.

  • Excellent regarding room and food. Busy getting into central Birmingham for 9-00am
  • Great venue and food
  • The venue was perfect for the event
  • Excellent venue, nice food, great location
  • Very accessible. Clean tidy and fabulous hospitality
  • Amazing venue. Good facilities, good food, quirky design and excellent location close to the station

Delegates were positive about NAPCE’s organisation of the event. Suggestions for the organisation of future conferences included, providing more time for delegates to discuss issues and share good practice and to ask questions and make comments. The responses show that delegates valued the opportunity to network and share ideas and good practice with other delegates.

  • Nothing needs to be done to improve the conference. all was excellent
  • The organisation of the conference was very thorough
  • Arrange further conferences they are excellent
  • I thought the balance of information was good and at a very reasonable price.
  • NAPCE is addressing important areas and kept the conference interesting
  • The organisation of the conference was all very clear, and the conference fulfilled its aims effectively
  • More discussion time, but I did appreciate the breadth of content and appreciate time constraints
  • Provide time for delegates to talk and discuss. To comment and ask questions after each presentation
  • More time to talk in workshops
  • Workshops to be more interactive. More practical ideas and strategies
  • More practical ways and strategies that we can use for our pupils e.g. signs of mental health issues, various types of condition and ways to support
  • Opportunities for networking and sharing free resources, as schools do not have the money for lots of these things
  • Opportunities to share good practice on tables
  • Maybe more resources or an information sheet on where to find support

Delegates made some suggestions for issues and topics that could be explored in future conferences.

  • More about strategic approaches in school
  • Mental Health strategies to use in the classroom
  • Working with pupils with SEND
  • Supporting disaffected/alienated pupils
  • Case studies and best practice as group discussions
  • Use of pupil premium funding to support pastoral care. Links between pastoral needs and wider SEND needs
  • Relationships with parents
  • Managing pastoral care in a digital environment including social media
  • Developing Pastoral teams. Good practice models.

Delegates made the following general comments about their experience at the conference.

  • I really enjoyed the day and found it to be wholly engaging
  • Enjoyable and informative day. Thank you and very good value for money
  • A useful and stimulating day
  • I found it all very useful and well planned. A valuable day
  • Thank you for a very positive day
  • Fantastic day Very appropriate that the conference related to mental health. I have felt very valued and left the venue feeling very much looked after. Thank you
  • An enjoyable and useful day
  • Well done to all involved it was fantastic
  • Brilliant Day. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative

Thank you to all speakers, workshop leaders, organisers of displays, staff at The Studio NAPCE members and all delegates for your contribution to the success of the conference.

Phil Jones
National Chair
National Association for Pastoral Care in Education (NAPCE)

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