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NAPCE New Year!

Following a year that certainly raised them, over the next twelve months we are going to be tackling some of the biggest issues in pastoral care and how they are being addressed in schools.

I am sure that a week in to the new year and a week back at work may be making things seem a little less than joyful or back in your element, but this months NAPCE is all about looking ahead to the future.
What is pastoral care looking like in the 21st century? Without doubt it is still about building a supportive community around everyone we work with. There are new approaches to education not just cropping up, but being expanded on. NAPCE will be investigating a range of philosophies, from the autonomous need satisfaction to the anti-technology, and all that goes in-between. This including what and how the government is supporting and neglecting our schools.
But what format does this community take? Our digital society seems to be growing ever larger, stronger and influential, but what are we doing to embrace it so its best features can be used? NAPCE will address this next month following its coverage of CAPITA’s 15th Protecting Children and Young People in the Digital Environment Conference.

NAPCE knows the power of technology and how they can host valuable resources. That is why is having a revamp and launching our new resources. On the same line, our National Conference is coming up at Newman University in March.


And last but in no way least, our Post Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care is set to begin in September, working alongside Newman University’s Dr. Dave Trotman and Professor Stan Tucker.
So, the 2017 new years resolution at NAPCE is to increase just how much we can do to support you… the one’s who are there to support everyone else!

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