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NAPCE News – December 2019

NAPCE News – December 2019
Making a positive difference to young people through pastoral care

Pastoral care in schools across the UK and further afield is proven to be critically linked to the academic and personal-social development of young people. NAPCE continues to support education providers in the process of pastoral care implementation and development. It is here that we share important news of our latest activities, events and best practice guidance. 

FEATURE ARTICLE: A New Year Message from NAPCE Chair Phil Jones

As we approach the Christmas holiday and the new year, we can look back on what has been a busy year for NAPCE.In January we were partners with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), in organising a successful Pastoral Leaders Conference.

I was invited to represent NAPCE as a keynote speaker and we had the NAPCE display in a prominent position for the delegates to visit and find out more about NAPCE.

It was great to have the opportunity to meet NAPCE members who were attending the conference.

In May for the first time for many years NAPCE organised its own conference in Birmingham exploring the important issues around mental health and well-being.

The speakers included representatives from Ofsted, ASCL and MIND as well as Professor Stan Tucker the journal editor and Professor Dave Trotman, also from Newman university and a member of the NAPCE Editorial Board.

The feedback form delegates was very positive and the conference provided an important opportunity to explore some important  issues about well-being and mental health.

In the summer NAPCE was pleased to be a partner in organising a pastoral care conference in partnership with UK Pastoral Chat.

The conference in Coventry had the title ‘Pastoral Care That Makes A Difference’ and it was an excellent opportunity for people with an interest in the pastoral work of schools to meet to share ideas and good practice.

NAPCE was very well represented amongst the speakers with Matt Silver, Jakub Malkowski, Paula Spencer from the National Executive Committee contributing with presentations.

These events are examples of how NAPCE is playing a more active role in the world of education and raising awareness of the importance of pastoral care and support in schools to enable young people to reach their full potential.

This is only possible because of the ideas and work of the National Executive who volunteer their time and expertise to support the work of NAPCE.

The reputation of NAPCE’s academic journal ‘Pastoral Care In Education’ continues to grow with the support of our publishers Taylor and Francis and the hard work of the editorial Board. NAPCE contributed to the consultation about the new OFSTED framework and we are pleased to see the increased focus on personal development and well-being.

The start of a new year is an opportunity to look ahead and NAPCE has some exciting plans for 2020.

On Wednesday 22ndJanuary NAPCE will once again be attending the ASCL annual conference for pastoral leaders.

We have been involved in the planning of the conference and it will explore important current issues for pastoral leaders.

The 2020 conference takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham and NAPCE will have a display at the conference.

Further details about the conference and how to book places are available on the NAPCE website and the ASCL website

Breaking news for this newsletter is that NAPCE will be organising a conference in 2020 in Birmingham on Tuesday 5th May.

The title of the Conference is ‘Does Every Child Still Matter? Pastoral Care for the Next Decade’.

Every Child Matters was a document published by the government in 2003 with their plans for the reform of childcare.

The issues that it raised are still relevant to professionals working with children and young people today. This is evidenced by the number of requests for downloads from the journal for articles written several years ago about the ‘every child matters’ agenda.

The Conference will explore, with the help of speakers from different backgrounds. how the needs of children and young people can be met with effective pastoral care and support in the new decade.

One confirmed speaker is Nigel Murray OBE a gold medal winning Paralympic athlete who will share his experiences about how to achieve your goals.

The 2019 NAPCE conference sold out several weeks before the event so NAPCE members and professionals with an interest or role in pastoral care and support are encouraged to book your places early.

Once again, the conference takes place at The Studio, conference centre, in Canon Street in Birmingham. More information and ticket details can be found by following the link to the Eventbrite site.

Follow NAPCE on twitter @NAPCE1 for more details about confirmed speakers and updated information about the conference programme.

NAPCE is very excited to be working with UK PASTORAL CHAT to launch the first National Awards for Pastoral Care.

NAPCE is presenting an award and prize of £100.00 for each winning school in 7 categories. The Awards are being sponsored by important educational organisations and a panel of respected educationalists will be judging the entries.

You can find out more about the Awards by following NAPCE on Twitter.

The closing date is March 2nd and we hope that all members and as many schools as possible will make nominations to recognise and celebrate the important work that is being done in pastoral care.

I am also pleased to announce that NAPCE is working once again in partnership with UK Pastoral Chat to plan a conference in the summer. This will take place on Saturday 27th June 2020 and further details about this event will be announced soon.

Finally, I would like to thank all NAPCE members who have contributed to the work of the Association this year and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Please contact NAPCE base at if you have any ideas for future activities or would like to be more involved in the work of NAPCE.

I look forward to meeting you at NAPCE events in 2020.

Phil Jones
National Chair, NAPCE

NEW EVENT: Tickets On Sale Now For NAPCE Conference 2020

Tickets are available now for NAPCE’s 2020 annual conference for pastoral care in education professionals which will focus on the fundamental question “does every child still matter?”
Following last year’s sell-out event, NAPCE Conference 2020 will take place on May 5th next year at The Studio Birmingham and it is expected to fill up very quickly.

The Conference will include a programme of special guest speakers, expert-led workshops and delegates will be challenged on the day to carefully consider the crucial theme “Does Every Child Still Matter? – Pastoral Care for the Next Decade”.

The first guest speaker has now been announced as British Paralympic gold medallist Nigel Murray OBE, a giant in the sport of Boccia.

The planned outcome is for guests to consider research, practice and experience to develop a clear, concise and reasoned response to the headline question.

To achieve this, we will bring together:

  • Key speakers and skilled workshop facilitators
  • Participants from different professional and academic backgrounds
  • Those who play an important role in developing policy and managing services for children and young people

As one of the world’s leading pastoral care support organisations NAPCE has a strong record in bringing together a rich mixture of professional and academic personnel alongside the production of our internationally renowned academic journal – Pastoral Care in Education.

The Children Act (1989) and the policy document Every Child Matters (2003) were heralded as major landmark legislation and policy initiatives that would transform the nature and delivery of education, social and health services for all children and young people.

In thinking about the pressures, dilemmas and challenges currently facing those working with children and young people, this conference will ask all participants to reflect on one key question:


Tickets are priced at £25 for NAPCE Members and £30 on general sale is booked by 31st March, 2020. Tickets booked after this date will be priced at £45.

Ticket price includes lunch and refreshments.

To book click here:

ARTICLE: NAPCE Officer Rebecca Head reflects on the role of pastoral education & PSHE in the 21st Century 

Pastoral Education and the role of PSHE in the 21st Century – 
A reflection

The term ‘Pastoral Care’ in Education has been examined, debated and is still being discussed within education’s ever-changing environment.

Pastoral Care in all its forms and perceptions continues to be at the heart, I believe, of education and I hope that continues moving forward.

As a pastoral leader and educator, I have always seen PSHE as the curriculum element of quality pastoral care.

At times, I felt alone in this view as others saw PSHE as a ‘poisoned chalice’, pink and fluffy and other more extreme views as having no place within a school environment.

Well, I am delighted to say, that view is changing.

The evidence continues to grow that correlates wellbeing and educational outcomes, the emotional and mental health of our students is now being taken seriously and senior leaders have started to recognise the positive influence that PSHE can have on wellbeing and the increased skills and knowledge that support our students.

Pastoral Care and PSHE are interconnected and now with the statutory status of PSHE, I hope the recognition of this subject continues to grow.

I have had the pleasure to teach PSHE for over 15 years as a teacher and as a former Adolescent Specialist Nurse for many more prior to converting to teaching.

As part of this, I have lobbied the Government for the statutory status, trained new teachers in pastoral care and PSHE delivery and trained senior staff and governors in the role and impact that effective PSHE can have on their students and schools.

PSHE and its contributions to pastoral care are beginning to be recognised, however still not enough.

PSHE, in my eyes, is the curriculum element of safeguarding that enables our students to develop the knowledge and skills to safeguard themselves.

Despite this and its new statutory status, training teachers are not given the time or the skills to deliver this subject effectively.

As a guest lecturer on a PGCE course, the cohorts had two hours over their year on PSHE, school curriculums continue to pay lip service to its importance and the delivery within schools can be at times below poor.

So where does this leave us?

We now have a statutory subject that contributes significantly to safeguarding and pastoral care, however in many cases a minimal budget provision in schools, untrained staff delivering poor quality lessons, and passionate staff who are not getting the support they need.

PSHE is safeguarding, it contributes to the wellbeing of our children and young people and it is pastoral care.

This acknowledgement needs to be embraced within all schools, quality lessons delivered, and staff given the adequate training and support they absolutely need.

Only then, can the real impact of PSHE truly be realised.

Rebecca Head
NAPCE Officer & PSHE Consultant

ENTER NOW: NAPCE launches awards event to celebrate pastoral care work in schools

NAPCE is delighted to have joined forces with UK Pastoral Chat to launch an exciting new awards scheme for pastoral care providers in the education sector.

This is the first time ever an event has being organised to recognise the fantastic achievements across schools in the UK on pastoral care.

It has been created to provide much deserved recognition to the people and schools who are doing great work and to shine a light on good practice in pastoral care.

There are seven categories to enter in the NAPCE Awards and 11 under the UK Pastoral Chat scheme.

Entry for both sets of awards is separate, although the closing date for both is Monday 2nd March, 2020.

Both organisations will work in partnership to organise the first ever National Awards for Pastoral Care in Education under one awards ceremony which will take place in 2020.

You can enter the NAPCE awards now here:

NAPCE is inviting nominations in the following categories;

  • Pastoral School of the Year
  • Pastoral Team of the Year
  • Pastoral Member of Staff of the Year
  • Pastoral Leader of the Year
  • Pastoral Development of the Year
  • Raising Awareness about Pastoral Care
  • Outstanding Contribution to Pastoral Care

Nominations are encouraged for awards in different categories from schools and educational institutions.

UK Pastoral Chat is inviting nominations for awards in the following categories;

  • SLT
  • Head of Year (Including Head of 6thForm)
  • Head of House/Head of Boarding
  • PSHE Lead
  • Nurse/ Counsellor
  • Pastoral Support Staff (including Learning Mentor)
  • Tutor/Classroom teacher
  • Unsung Hero
  • Guidance teacher
  • DSL/CP Co-ordinator
  • Governor

Details about how to make nominations can be found on the UK Pastoral Chat Twitter pages.

The Awards will be an excellent opportunity to share good practice in pastoral care and through the social media and websites of both organisations to raise awareness of where pastoral support is making a real difference in the educational experience of young people.

The awards will encourage new initiatives and ideas in pastoral care and will recognise the contributions being made to developing policy and practice in pastoral support.

This is an opportunity to recognise the impact the work of pastoral staff is having on the achievement and well being of young people. The decisions about prize winners in each category will be made by a panel of invited professionals who work in pastoral care.

There will be a prize of £100.00 for the school or institution for the winners of each category and individuals will also be recognised for their achievements.

The criteria for the NAPCE awards are;
Award Criteria

  • Pastoral School of the Year

A school that can demonstrate a commitment to pastoral care and support for learners that makes a real difference in the progress and personal development of young people in the school

  • Pastoral Team of the Year

A team that works in pastoral care and can demonstrate a determination to support young people to achieve their full potential and a positive impact on the young people they work with.

  • Pastoral Member of Staff of the Year

A member of staff who works in pastoral care and who always makes the extra effort to support young people to enable them to become effective learners and achieve success.

  • Pastoral Leader of the Year

Has a passion for pastoral care that is shared with colleagues to inspire and motivate them to make a real difference in the lives of the young people they work with.

  • Pastoral Development of the Year

A pastoral initiative or idea that has achieved positive outcomes and has improved the learning experience and future life chances, for young people.

  • Raising Awareness about Pastoral Care

An individual, group or organisation who through their actions have raised awareness about pastoral care or pastoral issues and encouraged positive improvements for the benefit of young people.

  • Outstanding Contribution to Pastoral Care

A person, group or organisation that has made a real difference for the benefit of young people in the area of pastoral care.Nominations for the NAPCE Awards are welcome from member schools and institutions and from schools and institutions that are not currently members of NAPCE.

Nominations can be made online via this link:

You can also enter by e-mail to NAPCE Base at or they can be sent by post to National Association for Pastoral Care in Education, (NAPCE), PO BOX 60005, Nuneaton, CV11 9GY, with the following information:

Award                          __________________________________________

Nomination                  __________________________________________
Support for nomination (maximum 100 words)

Nominated by _______________________________________________

Email contact _______________________________________________

The Awards Programme and partnership with UK Pastoral Chat is an exciting opportunity to raise the profile of Pastoral Care and give hard working pastoral staff and schools with positive approaches to supporting learners the recognition that they deserve.

Please be part of this process by sending your nominations.

Phil Jones
National Chair
National Association for Pastoral Care in Education

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