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Cognition and Learning Across Education

The Rochford Review November 2016 The Rochford Review was released this October and NAPCE believes that its recommendations have the potential to support great steps forward across all forms of education in the UK. The report’s headline suggests the removal of the statutory requirement of assessing pupils using P scales, building upon the removal of levelling. NAPCE sees this […]

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The Balance of Time vs Need

The Balance of Time October 2016 For the past week @NAPCE1 has had the pleasure of delivering SEND training to cohorts of trainee teachers. It was a learning experience for both that provided the opportunity for some real world research to be put into place. Baselining what was known by each individual on the ITT […]

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Failure-Encourage it this term

Why You Should Encourage Failure This Term September 2016 Yes I am still trying to cling to the final few days of the holiday as well but the quiet whirring of cogs has begun to turn in the back of my head. What did I have to get done for the first day back? What does […]

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Your chance to shape NAPCE’s Post Grad Pastoral Care Module

You are essential to this months NAPCE newsletter… NAPCE invites you, real world practitioners, to have your say in the development of its new Post-Graduate module in Pastoral Care in education that is set to launch in September 2017. You are the colleagues that are in the classrooms, working with the students and your peers, and so we […]

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NAPCE’s July Newsletter- Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH NAPCE looks to promote wellbeing within education. We believe that the environment of your institution should actively host this. We wanted to support you in bettering it, so we went to the Capita Mental Health Conference to try and layout what issues and actions are out there at the moment. Mental health is not just […]

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Belonging-NAPCE’s June Newsletter

BELONGING Why do we do what we do? Why do we devote our professional careers to aiding others? Why are our choices based on improving the lives of others? Although we ask ourselves these questions as professionals, this month’s newsletter is about stepping back into the shoes of the student and looking at their motives. […]

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