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For 37 years the National Association or Pastoral Care in Education has been leading the discussion on pastoral care in schools across the UK and further afield. We are now pleased to release our latest National Guidance (2018) document to deliver a clear framework for professionals working in pastoral care across the education sector. Pastoral […]

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NAPCE May Conference on Mental Health in Schools – Tickets Now Available

Tickets for the NAPCE May Conference 2019 are available now The event will be held on May 8th, 2019 at The Studio Birmingham and the theme is “Facing the challenges of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools, Let’s Talk About It”. A host of influential and inspirational key note speakers have been lined up and […]

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Just what is Wellbeing?

Just what is Wellbeing? With calls for wellbeing to be put on the curriculum. NAPCE looks to break down the word wellbeing. We felt a reminder and de-construction of the word adds a little clarity so that we can address its components. The dictionary definition of Wellbeing: ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’. In our environments […]

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Where Does Pastoral Care Begin?

NAPCE recently re-tweeted a post questioning ‘where does pastoral Care begin?’ The comments debate boiled down to… parents. It stirred a lot of reaction and some useful reflection. Schools are taking on a far more central role in parent support- and the focus is not always child-centered. As a deputy head I see a range […]

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NAPCE’s 2017 Pastoral Care in the Digital Era

A New Field of Pastoral Care Pastoral care has traditionally focused on the physical and psychological environment that we create for our young people, but as ‘screen time’ increases, we question how aware are we of the potential, influence, strategies and consequences of the digital world? Potential: Firstly, the learning potential for students able to […]

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NAPCE’s 2017 Conference- A reflection on what was learnt

Schools and the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Their Pupils April 2017 Reflections on the Conference NAPCE’s major annual conference on Schools and the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Their Pupils was held at the end of last month at Newman University, Birmingham. With over 150 educationalists coming together to access the highly engaging and relevant presentations […]

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