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Is there ever a justification for an illegal exclusion?

John O’Boyle Educating Yorkshire, September 2013, the episode featuring a young man struggling to cope in school after the unexpected death of his older brother. After days of escalating disruption, the charismatic Head Teacher calls the boy and his mother into his office, “Although he hasn’t done anything wrong, we are sending him home for […]

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What goes around … ?

Yet again it appears that staff at the DfE are about to fail to take the essential step and include PSHE Education as a statutory part of the revised National curriculum due in 2014. Whilst there are continued calls for schools to address all the concerns of society – drugs/alcohol, smoking, teenage pregnancy, bullying, anti-social […]

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Supporting school children whose parents are diagnosed with a mental illness

How do children experience living with a parent with mental illness? How do children manage this experience? What are the outcomes for children in the school environment? How can schools support children whose parents have mental health issues? As a school counsellor one of the areas of my work is supporting students whose parents have […]

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The Role of the Association in the ‘Big Society’ of 2012

Phil Jones Chair of NAPCE This year it is 30 years since the National Association for Pastoral Care in Education was founded. It was founded to bring together people who shared similar values about the importance of education supporting the personal and social development of learners. In those early days of the Association, Educational professionals […]

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